How to Serve at Redeemer

Serve Lincoln

At the center of the Christian story is a God who came to serve; a life served by Him must lead to a life of service after Him. Whether it be service in our neighborhoods, among the poor of our city, or at church on a Sunday, we want to be a servant-hearted community. We want to follow Christ to broken places and work for healing. Here are a few places where we are corporately trying to do this.

Foster Care

A good number of families at Redeemer have been and are directly involved in foster care and adoption. We think this is one of the ways God has called us as a community to seek the good of our city. We support those who are called to direct involvement by helping meet physical needs when they arise, providing respite care, and through a foster parent support group.  Taking the steps to be able to provide respite care and then doing so is a great way to serve at Redeemer. If you're interested in learning more about foster care, Christian Heritage is an organization many Redeemerites have been involved with.

Project Help

Project Help is a ministry of Redeemer women who gather to serve one another and their neighbors. They work together to tackle problems too big or daunting to take care of alone. It might be painting a room, cleaning a house, or fixing up a neighbors yard. We want to be a community that helps.


Hospitality is the welcoming of strangers into safe space where they can know and be known. Being hospitable requires seeing others and sharing with them your time, your food, your home, and your kindness. When people sit down around the common denominator of a cup of coffee, a plate of food, or a snow cone after church, they have the space to move from strangers to friends.

We are committed at Redeemer to being a hospitable community. You'll see it each Sunday when volunteers make coffee and bring snacks for others to enjoy. You'll see it during meals we host for college students. You'll see it during the summer when we make snow cones or hire an ice cream truck to show up after church with free ice cream for everyone. You'll see it as we gather for meals twice a month during the summer and once a month during the rest of the year.

Hopefully, hospitality won't just be something you see at Redeemer but actively engage in as well. If you are interested in serving more formally in one these areas of hospitality, email Michael Gordon.

Serve One Another

God calls us into community because others have gifts we need and we have gifts they need. It may be the gift of music, an encouraging word, a meal, or a listening ear. There are lots of different gifts but the same call, to "build one another up in love." We hope Redeemer is a place where you can serve others by using your gifts. Here are few places where that can happen:

Bring a Friend

The first and best way to get involved at Redeemer is to bring a friend. We want to be a community where people can come as they are, and feel met where they are. It's a place that is for the convinced and unconvinced, where the skeptical, curious, and confident are welcomed and engaged. Every time you invite a friend, it helps toward that end. Plus, it's one more person you know at Redeemer.

Coffee & Treats

Help create a welcoming atmosphere by signing up to make coffee before church or bring a treat for after church.  

Nursery & Children’s Church

A great way to serve children and parents is by volunteering for the nursery or Children's Church. It's also a good way to get to know more people and to learn not only kids' names but parents' names as well. If you're interested in serving, contact Adam.


If you have musical talents and are interested in serving in the worship ministry of Redeemer, we are eager to have you play a part.  For more information, contact the church office.

Life Groups

We seek to serve one another both in and through our Life Groups. Being involved in a Life Group is good way to connect and have opportunities to serve.