O'Donnells Prayer Requests

1) Relational resolution with the Japanese friend we are renting coffee roasting space from. She is not a believer, but we've been connected with her for a while and have been paying to use her 1 kilo roaster on her day off. (She runs a fair trade shop and roasts coffee on the side.) We have recently felt that we were beginning to wear out our welcome, so to speak, and a message from her yesterday seems to confirm this. It left us with heavy hearts as to how to preserve and care for this relationship. Pray for her business, that it would flourish and that God would bless her for her generosity to us. Also pray that God would give us wisdom, love, and His guidance as we talk with her and make decisions as to whether or not it is a good idea to continue roasting at her shop. Also pray for her relationship with her parents -- long-standing frustration with her mother, who doesn't agree with her decision to rent her space to us, seems to be playing a part in what's happening. We are also considering the possibility that God wants to move us in a different direction and is using this begin whatever is next.

2) Our children, fear, and sleep. Around the same time that I really began struggling with anxiety over my health, our kids starting getting scared and waking up more at night. We have been praying for them a lot, sharing verses, seeking to address their fears, etc. Ezra in particular (turns six next month!) has been really affected, having frequent bad dreams and night wakings -- he said recently he's sad Jesus hasn't taken away his fears and isn't sure he believes its really possible. We want God to reveal his power and presence to Ezra in a very real way, so we are praying God would completely eradicate this particular fear he has (of werewolves). But we also want to help him navigate how to think and respond when God doesn't give us the answers we want. We feel out of our comfort zones in this, as we are still asking all these questions ourselves! Pray for the Spirit's guidance.

3) Bryan's role as Shizuoka Director. We are adding a German couple this next month to our team, they are newlyweds and we want to protect their budding marriage as they adjust to life here. Pray for wisdom as Bryan shepherds this staff and others, and casts vision for the team here.