Redeemer Church Profile

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In late 2007, a group of people from Zion Church met weekly to pray, study the Bible together, and begin casting a vision for planting a church near downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. The members had a vision of a gospel-rooted church plant that transformed the community. Redeemer PCA was planted and her 80 members started meeting the summer of 2008.

Redeemer held services Sunday evenings in the sanctuary of Zion Church until November 2009, when a generous congregation offered to sell a historic church building near downtown for only $1.00. In January 2012, Redeemer’s lead pastor was removed from office due to sin that disqualified him from serving. Rev. Michael Gordon was hired March 2013, and served as lead pastor for three and a half years. In order to better reach the community, Redeemer transitioned to a morning service in January 2016.

Since the the church was planted, God has faithfully grown Redeemer to a membership of 169. By God’s provision, Redeemer has been financially self-sustained from its inception.

Community Profile

According to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, “Lincoln is one of the Midwest’s most livable cities. Our steady economy, family-friendly neighborhoods, low crime rates, growing diversity, world-class health-care facilities, vast educational offerings, and commitment to community all fall in line with the Midwestern ideal.”

The community is family-centered, with access to plenty of public and private schools, as well as universities, colleges, and technical schools. Lincoln Public Schools was ranked 2nd in the Midwest for its quality of education, and Lincoln maintains the fourth highest percentage of graduating high school seniors in the nation.

Lincoln is home to many thriving businesses, a strong start-up culture, and an unemployment rate of 2.1%, half the national average. The arts and entertainment scene has also been growing, with downtown art walks, numerous theaters and music venues, a symphony, and a sports and performing arts arena.

Redeemer members are spread through all parts of Lincoln. The church building is located in the North Bottoms and the office is located in the South Bottoms, both minutes away from downtown. Downtown Lincoln is the home of the city’s business district which has a mix of offices, bars, restaurants, and retail, many located in a renovated area called “The Haymarket.” The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is also located on the north edge of downtown Lincoln. Many young professionals and students live in the apartment housing near the church building.

Congregation Profile

Redeemer is a collection of people from many walks and stages of life gathered around the transformative hope of the Christian gospel. The congregation is also diverse in age, with the majority of worshippers ranging between the ages of 25 and 65. God has blessed Redeemer with many children, and also with a heart for children in need in the community. There have been between 5-10 families actively fostering each year since Redeemer’s start, and many members have adopted children.

The church also has strong ties to UNL’s Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus ministry and Brian Brown, Lincoln RUF’s minister, attends Redeemer regularly with his family.


Redeemer seeks to connect the disconnected as we love God, love people, and love Lincoln.


  • Gospel-Rooted - We live repentant lives of rest rooted in God’s love for us in Jesus.
  • Transforming Worship - We come to God as we are, encounter who he is, and are changed.
  • Hospitality - We see the stranger and make room for the weary and wounded.
  • Authentic - We know and care well for one another.
  • Serving Lives - We go to broken places and work for healing.
  • Sharing a Beautiful Christ - We invite those we know and love to come and see the beauty of Jesus.


  • Build - We build relationships with the people around us - both inside and outside of church. We make ourselves willing to add others to our lives.
  • Bring - We bring ourselves and invite others to places where connection can happen. In worship, we connect with God, as we stick around for coffee or a meal we make space to connect to others.
  • Belong - We deepen our connection and commitment by joining and participating in Life Groups together.
  • Bless - We don’t exist for ourselves but for the glory of God and good of our neighbors. We bless as we serve one another and Lincoln.

Worship Service

Redeemer has one worship service a week on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, with an average attendance of 170 people. Redeemer uses a blended liturgical style of worship with call-and-response elements and a mix of modern/hymn worship songs. For an example of a typical service, see this bulletin.

Primary Ministries

Life Group

Life groups are the lifeblood of Redeemer’s ministries. These small communities provide a space to build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to life. Life groups provide the context for learning together, the opportunity for loving one another, and the structure for serving together. Over the past three years, Redeemer has focused on developing small group leaders and encouraging involvement from members and non-members alike.

Youth Ministry

Children are a valued part of the Redeemer Church community. We want them to be active participants in both the worship and work of the church. Redeemer has ministries dedicated to both young children and teens. Rev. Adam Odell heads up the youth group at Redeemer, along with several volunteers. Redeemer offers a community where youth are encouraged to explore the importance of personal faith in Jesus Christ and the life-giving power of the gospel for their friends, families, and schools.

Church Staff and Officers

  • Reverend Adam Odell (teaching elder) - Interim Pastor and Pastor of Youth and Family
  • Jen Hinrichs - Office Administrator
  • Hope Blanton - Women’s Ministry Equipper
  • Elder board - Redeemer currently has seven ruling elders
  • Deacons/Deaconess - Redeemer currently has 3 deacons and 2 deaconesses

Read more about Redeemer's staff.

Explanation of Lead Pastor Vacancy

Redeemer’s lead pastor, Michael Gordon, has answered the call to be the Midwest Area Coordinator for Reformed University Fellowship. To read more about his time at Redeemer and his transition to a new ministry, please read Michael’s letter of recommendation.