Your Impossible Prayer Request

You’ll receive an envelope with a blank 3x5 card on it. Please write down your impossible prayer request, which is something you think God cannot ever do for you. Make it impossible. The staff and Elders are committing to pray for these over the next year. Let’s see what God does with the gift of our needs and desires.

Your Extra Christmas Offering Gift

This is above your normal tithe and offering. This may be from a bonus you’re getting, from savings God has provided, or from something you’ve realized you don’t need at all. In all of our buying of gifts for other people, we want our largest, most extravagant gift to go to Jesus and His Kingdom. It’s great if we get some large gifts from those who have the means, and also a lot of little gifts that add up. We’d like everyone to give something, but it’s okay if you don’t.

Together we are seeking to raise $25,ooo above and beyond our regular giving and tithes. We'll use 100% of donations to this offering to fund the following projects.

Mercy and Counseling Fund

We want to renew a fund to respond to mercy needs inside and outside of Redeemer, including resources to assist those pursuing counseling. In 2016 we elected Deacons and appointed Deaconesses and want to continue fund their work among us. We want to have the means to help with the mercy needs that arise within and outside of our community. You can partner in meeting mercy needs within and outside of Redeemer through the Christmas Offering.

Pastoral Search Process

We want to partner together in our search for Redeemer's next Lead Pastor. There are sizeable expenses that are part of the search process and we want to empower the search committee in their work. From flying potential candidates in for a visit to eventually helping relocate their family, it’s an expensive but worthwhile endeavor.

You can give on December 18th during worship give now here (designate it for the Christmas Offering) All gifts are tax deductible.