The first Wednesday of each month, from sunrise to sunset, we want to fast and spend time each hour in prayer. We don’t do this to earn anything from God, make Him more likely to hear our prayers, or check off a religious duty. We do it because we want to live out a deepening dependence upon God. He has to show up, act, intervene, empower, and work in us, our community, and our city for lasting good to come.

The momentary ache for food reminds us of the abiding ache for the bread of life. Our days of prayer and fasting are little exercises in rebellion against the self-reliant assumption that bread is all there really is. We'd love to have you join with us in fasting and praying. Lots of folks will only be able to participate for part of the day, or be able to pray but not fast. That's all OK. It's not a shameful thing if you can't participate. It won't make God love you less if you don't do it. It can't make Him love you more if you do it because of how much He already loves us in Christ. It might, however, make a real difference to take God at His word and ask, seek, and knock.